About Brian Outdoors

I grew up in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia but I have lived in Denmark for some 25 years. I love the outdoors and lightweight backpacking is my way of getting there. I try to get outdoors at least once or twice a month in Denmark but mainly the south of Sweden. Two to four day hikes are my preference.

A three day hike from Åsljunga to Båstad in Sweden Dec 2017

As a teenager I did many “Boy Scout” hikes in south-east Queensland, Australia. My old Scout master was ex-army and we were put through all sorts of tests including night hikes through thick brush that had to be cut through with a machete whilst we were sucked on by huge leaches. In those days we lied on a ground sheet on the ground in our heavy sleeping bags; there was no such thing as air beds. We slept in open tents with no insect nets. You also had to find fallen trees in the bush and make a pole to support the shelter as it had no tent poles.

My camp at Tvorup West camp site in Thy National Park Denmark Mar 2017. The shelter is my Zpacks Duplex purchased in Nov 2016.

My base weight is normal to be around 5 kg and depending on the season 7 to 9 kg is an ideal total pack weight for me including consumables (food, water & fuel). That way I can enjoy my backpacking experience and still have all the essentials in my kit. The pack below is a Hyperlite Mountain Gear 2400 Windrider.

My base weight is normal to be around 5 kg

I love gear, especially good quality lightweight gear and I do my best to support small cottage companies. Below is my Tarptent Notch lightweight shelter purchased in Jan 2016.

My Tarptent Notch. This was on the Gendarme Trail on the Danish-German boarder Aug 2016


This summer 2018 I will be hiking the northern section of The King’s Trail (Kungsleden) which is in the northern Artic Sweden. I’m looking forward to seeing the mountains.


Happy trails



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